Helping the homeless and families in need

By on January 21, 2016

North County Outreach, Dublin

You might have heard or seen this name in the papers and/or on social media such as Facebook. This is not some kind of trend though – this is a very worthy and honourable cause. Let me tell you the story on how it all sorted…

Edel Campbell, who now lives in Balbriggan with husband Bryan rose from being homeless at just 8 years of age to starting her own outreach service for the homeless and local people in need of help.

It hasn’t been an easy life for Edel. Her family was suddenly made homeless after her dad was made redundant. They took help where it was offered and eventually managed to see the light after a rocky road. It hasn’t been an easy journey but they have never lost faith. Edel’s dad is her great inspiration and role model as he always took the time to help the less fortunate in our society. She was taught to always pay it forward even when they had nothing and were homeless. So paying back the kindness that Edel and her family was shown was something crucial for her dad and Edel is now devoted to giving and helping the homeless and families in need.

Christmas 2014 really started the ball rolling that would ultimately create North County Outreach. With not a lot of cash to go around, Edel and Bryan had been putting away toys through the year, in preparation for Christmas. By the time Christmas arrived, they found they had more toys than they needed and rather than spoil their children, they looked for other families in need to give them away. Edel put an ad up online, offering the toys to needy families in her community and she was shocked by the response. There were so many people to help so they found 4 local families, who were really in a bad way and they made an appeal online for help for them. With great response, Edel and Bryan managed to help all 4 families.

Meanwhile Edel continued to volunteer for homeless charities and inspired by the generosity of the response to her Christmas appeal, she saw an opportunity to run her own soup run, supported by the community of Fingal and reaching out to the homeless of Dublin City. North County Outreach was formed and beyond helping the homeless, the organisation would also reach out to people in need in our own community here in Fingal.

It is a service that prefers people to donate ‘stuff’ rather than cash, for the most part, and takes donations of everything from food to clothing, plastic cups and cutlery to aid a two-night a week stall near Temple Bar, where the homeless can come and have a hot meal along with a hot drink and biscuits too.

A Facebook page has been set up and the donations started flooding. Volunteers came on board and businesses all over Balbriggan and beyond lined up to get behind the initiative. It has allowed the organisation to feed up to 250 homeless people every night and help many struggling local families.

Right now, the group is particularly looking for warm winter clothes, underwear, socks, chocolate bars and crisps.
So if you have time, skills or something to donate, or to find out more about  North County Outreach, please visit Facebook page  You can send a message to Edel on facebook or email


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