Open your heart to abundance

By on August 1, 2014

Love is like money, an energy which we cannot control.  It comes and it goes in all directions.  Sometimes there is a feast of money and love and sometimes there is a famine of money and love. The secret to understanding both love and money is to understand how the universe works and then just allow it to flow in and out of our lives like the ebb and flow of the sea.

So how does it work? When we put our desires and dreams out to the universe, the universe is only too happy to answer our pleas.  The universe only knows abundance and wants to spoil us with everything we dream of but our limiting beliefs sometimes block the flow of abundance coming to us. How do we do this? We do this by negative thinking, by negative actions, by having negative fixed ideas for example that earning money or winning money is the only source of receiving money.

The universe, however, works in many different ways and money can come from many different sources. We just need to be aware of it and understand how the universe works. For example we may not have got that pay rise at work but we could have found a lovely new car at a knock-down price saving us hundreds of euros. We may not have gone on the usual holiday abroad but we got a bargain hotel package in Kerry at half the price of a foreign holiday with no extra stress standing in airports and sitting on long bus journeys to far away resorts in the heat.

Love, like money does not always come from one source such as from a partner or mother.  There are many ways of experiencing love for instance – someone smiling at us in the street, or someone making us dinner totally unexpected, or someone texting us out of the blue to go out, or someone giving us a present for no reason.

Whatever the reason the universe is trying to spoil us and all we need to do is be aware of it.

Thirdly, love like money is not how much you can make and take from a person at the lowest cost. It is not always about us. It is in-fact what we can both give and what we can both receive together. For example it is like buying a jacket and paying for it with our money.  There is an equal transaction and the transaction is satisfactory to both.  The shop assistant sells us the jacket and we as customers pay for the jacket.  Both are happy. Both are satisfied.  Love works the same way. Love is reciprocal but it comes from many sources.  So there are many ways to experience love from the universe.  The secret is to open our hearts and ask for whatever we need at that moment with love, then the universe will respond to our requests in many different ways that are not always obvious to us but once we learn to recognise it, we it only have to show gratitude for it. The more grateful we are the more we receive. The full moon is one of the best times to manifest our needs, dreams and desires.

Finally, the universe loves us and wants us to be happy we just need to be aware of the signs it is sending us.  If we send out our positive thoughts to the universe the universe is only too happy to oblige by sending us back whatever we need in absolute abundance.

Anne Watson
Reiki Master,

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